Steps to Help a Child Achieve Straight Teeth Before Braces are Applied

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Before an orthodontist applies braces to your child’s teeth, your child may be outfitted with another type of orthodontic device. These devices can help the braces work more effectively once they are eventually put onto your child’s teeth.

Orthodontic Devices Your Child May Use Before Getting Braces

When your child’s teeth are crowded, have a large gap or are not in proper alignment, an orthodontist who places braces in Las Vegas may suggest beginning your child’s orthodontic care with other devices. These devices can help to prepare your child’s mouth and teeth for better results once the braces are installed.

Fan Expanders

A fan expander is a type of orthodontic device that works by expanding your child’s front upper arch while leaving the back width of the arch as-is. This can help to influence the growth of bone in the front to make more room for teeth that are coming in crooked. This device attaches to a child’s six year molars and may be put into place for two to six weeks.

Palatal Expander

The most widely used orthodontic device before braces is a palatal expander. This device widens the entire upper arch of the mouth. By expanding a child’s palate, this device can help to correct cross bites and makes more room for all of the child’s adult teeth to come in correctly. The younger a child is when this device is used, the more successful and quickly it will work. It anchors to two molars on each side of the mouth and can be used in children as young as 6 years old.

Bite Plane

A bite plane is an acrylic and metal orthodontic device that is used when a child has an overbite. The bite plane works by stopping the child’s teeth from coming together when the mouth is closed. It allows the back teeth to erupt more naturally and keeps the front teeth from shifting. Bite planes are the most effective when they are worn all the time, so most orthodontists will cement them into place for the necessary period.


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