When to Consider Braces and Other Orthodontic Appliances

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Understanding when it is time to get braces will allow you to be prepared for the process of getting your teeth straightened.

When to Consider Yourself a Candidate for Braces

Braces, and similar orthodontic appliances, can be essential to get your teeth straightened. Without braces, you may never have the smile you want and deserve. There are times when braces may not be necessary if only a small issue exists.

Types of Issues That Require Braces to Correct

Braces are an orthodontic treatment that can straighten a person’s teeth. This treatment is often administered when an issue is causing a bad teeth position. These problems are varied, and they include everything from crowded and crooked teeth to underbites and overbites. Small underbites and overbites may not require braces, but you should still inquire about them with an orthodontist in Las Vegas. You should also consider braces if you suffer from disorders within the jaw or an incorrect jaw position.

Types of Braces You Can Wear

If you are thinking of using braces to straighten your teeth, there are many types from which to choose. These include standard metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces and Invisalign. Each of these has their own unique benefits. Metal braces are the most common, and therefore the least expensive. The metal bands can be many different colors, which makes their appearance less bothersome. As for ceramic braces, they move teeth very quickly and are much less noticeable than standard metal braces. Lingual braces place the wires and brackets on the inner parts of the teeth. This means that they are invisible when wearing them. Invisalign is an easy-to-wear braces type that provides nearly invisible aligners to wear for two weeks and replace with the next ones. These braces can be removed for eating and brushing your teeth. The type you choose is up to you.

Length of Treatment

Depending on the extent at which your teeth need to be straightened, your braces may need to be worn anywhere from a year and a half to 30 months. Once this is done, you will also be provided with a retainer, which will keep your teeth from reverting to their old position. These retainers can be temporary or permanent.


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