How to Lessen Pain After Getting Your Orthodontic Braces Adjusted

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When you visit the orthodontist for a readjustment of your metal braces, you may feel some temporary discomfort. You can help to minimize the discomfort by taking these specific actions.

Three Tips for Reducing Discomfort After a Metal Braces Readjustment

After visiting the orthodontist and getting a readjustment of your metal braces in Las Vegas, you might feel sore for a few hours. This is normal and it goes away without any lasting discomfort. You can take these actions to lessen your pain after returning home from your visit to the orthodontist.

Making Dietary Changes

On the day of your metal braces readjustment, you can make a few changes to your diet. Stick with eating soft foods such as yogurt, pudding, mashed potatoes, soup, applesauce and scrambled eggs. These foods will not get stuck in the braces and do not need to be chewed. Make sure that the foods are not too hot, as your gum tissue may also feel sensitive for a while after the adjustment of your braces. Hot foods can also cause the metal in the braces to trigger an increase in pain, so it is best to avoid hot foods for about two days after a braces adjustment.

Use Cold Packs

Use an ice pack wrapped in a washcloth and place it on your cheeks. This can help to reduce swelling from a braces adjustment. You could also suck on ice chips. The numbing action of the cold can help to lessen your discomfort. Be sure not to chew on the ice, as this could damage your teeth or the braces.

Pain Relievers and Oral Treatments

Many people find that a gargle with warm salt water helps to lessen their pain after a readjustment of their braces. Your orthodontist might also recommend the use of some types of pain relievers. There are oral analgesic gels that you can apply to specific areas of your mouth that are sore. These provide a numbing sensation that lasts for an hour or two. Your orthodontist might also recommend non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as naproxen sodium, ibuprofen, acetaminophen or aspirin for a day or two after having your braces readjusted.


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