What Happens After Invisalign Treatment?

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Invisalign treatment doesn’t end after you stop using the liners. This article discusses what happens after you stop wearing Invisalign braces.

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It takes a lot of grit and determination to wear Invisalign braces for 22 hours straight, every day for a few years. But when the active Invisalign treatment ends, that does not mean that all work ceases on your end. If you do not follow post-treatment protocol correctly, your teeth can move out of place, which can mess up that beautiful smile that you and your orthodontist worked so hard to create.

Your Retainer

Your retainer is an essential part of your post-treatment protocol. This is because retainers keep the tension on your teeth, holding them in place after the Invisalign treatment. If you fail to wear your retainer every night, your teeth can shift back to their original position.

You will need to wear a retainer every night for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, retainers are not intrusive, allowing you to sleep without interference. The retainers that you will receive are actually similar to the Invisalign braces that you received during treatment, but these invisible braces are only worn when you sleep.

Cleaning Your Retainers

To keep your teeth healthy after Invisalign treatment, you will need to rid your retainer of bacteria on a regular basis. To do this, you will have to learn how to clean your retainer correctly.

The first tip you should note is that you never clean your retainer with toothpaste. Toothpaste is made of abrasive grains that work to take the plaque off your teeth. While great for your natural teeth, these grains can scratch the surface of your retainer. These scratches can house bacteria, which can cause bad odors and staining.

One option for cleaning that you have at your disposal is to wash your retainer in soapy water with a soft toothbrush. You can also soak your retainer in water for 20-30 minutes and use denture tablets to clean them.

The Importance of Dental Checkups

While orthodontists in Las Vegas will tell you that everyone should have regular checkups, an Invisalign dentist will tell that they are especially important for former Invisalign patients.

When you come in for a checkup, your Invisalign provider will check your bite for any abnormalities. If orthodontists in Las Vegas find that your teeth have shifted since your last checkup, they’ll examine your retainer to see if you might need a new one. At this time, your teeth might also be reshaped or polished so that you can have a stable bite one again.

While you may no longer have to wear Invisalign braces anymore, there is still maintenance work to be done. But if you consistently wear your retainer and visit your orthodontist, you’ll more likely to keep that beautiful smile.


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