Why It’s So Important to Wear a Retainer After Braces

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While braces help to straighten your teeth, retainers are nearly just as important to ensure that the straightening results last.

The Importance of Wearing a Retainer

If you’ve finally been able to have your braces removed after a lengthy treatment period, it’s important to remember that there’s still some work that needs to be done. While braces are designed to straighten your teeth to the desired position, a retainer is meant to ensure that the results you’ve achieved through braces last forever. Understanding the importance of wearing a retainer may alleviate any frustrations of having to do so.

Prevents Treatment Reversal

The key reason that wearing a retainer is so important is because it helps to prevent the reversal of your treatment. While teeth are able to be moved relatively easily without any adverse effects, these movements won’t remain in their exact place once the braces have been removed. Teeth usually start moving back to their old position in the months following the removal of braces. This relapse can be prevented by wearing a retainer on a nightly basis for at least several months, though many people are required to wear a retainer for a couple of years. This is especially important for children whose teeth may still be developing.

Aligns Gums With the Bones

When your teeth are being aligned to a new position, the gums and bones surrounding these teeth typically take longer to follow suit. By wearing a retainer, you will expedite alignment and stabilize your bite. This process can take quite some time, though should be finished by the time you stop wearing your retainer.

Types of Retainers

There are several types of retainers that you can be provided with after your braces have been removed. The most popular of these is the Hawley retainer, which uses metal wires to connect around your teeth. Another type is the Essix retainer, which is a clear plastic retainer that’s similar in nature to Invisalign. Both of these can be removed. The third type is a permanent bonded retainer that’s glued in. If you’re searching for braces in Las Vegas to straighten your teeth, there are many options to choose from as well.


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