How to Handle Dental Changes When You Get Invisalign for Your Teeth

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When you’re getting any type of orthodontic care for your teeth, dealing with the changes during treatment requires some patience and time. This is also true if you are using the Invisalign system to straighten and correct the position of your teeth.

What to Expect When You Get Invisalign Orthodontic Care

When your orthodontist for Invisalign in Las Vegas outfits you with the Invisalign system, you might not know what to expect. While traditional braces might cause some discomfort after they get tightened, and food can get caught in the wires, these changes are not typical of the Invisalign experience. These tips can help you to know what to expect while you are receiving Invisalign orthodontic care.

Popping or Jaw Aching

With Invisalign, you should have no to minimal aching in your jaws. This is because the Invisalign process is gradual and shifts your teeth over time. You should also have a minimum of jaw popping while using the Invisalign trays. Compared with other orthodontic care, Invisalign is less intrusive to your jaw and may even help to resolve tension headaches and pains in your jaw.


When one Invisalign liner is replaced for the next one, you may feel some pressure for a day or two. This is normal because the new liner shifts your teeth slightly into a new position in your jaw. Because the liners are smooth, there will not be any sharp edges or wires to get caught on your tongue or the soft tissue of your cheeks and gums. Your orthodontist might recommend an over-the-counter pain reliever to reduce any discomfort from the pressure.

Oral Hygiene Routines

Because you remove the Invisalign liner before each meal, you can continue to eat most of your usual foods. You only need to avoid very hard foods such as ice chips or hard candies. After each snack and meal, you will need to lightly brush the liner and brush your teeth. You will also need to brush and floss your teeth before bed. You will still visit the dentist for cleanings every six months while using Invisalign orthodontic liners.


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