What Happens During Your Child’s First Visit to an Orthodontist

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Your child’s first visit and consultation with the orthodontist will be a new experience for both of you. Knowing what to expect and having a list of questions to ask during your visit can help you to make the most of your time.

What to Expect During an Orthodontic Consultation for Your Child

When your child’s dentist makes a referral to orthodontists in Las Vegas, you might not be sure of what to expect. An orthodontic consultation takes 30 to 60 minutes and is meant to get you and your child ready for the process of orthodontic care. During this visit, you will also find out whether or not the orthodontist recommends treatment at the current time or if orthodontic care should wait for another time in the future.


The orthodontist will need both bite wing X-rays and a panoramic X-ray in order to perform a thorough evaluation of your child’s mouth. These X-rays show the positioning of your child’s teeth and the amount of space in his or her jaws. These X-rays can also show the structure of teeth that have not yet erupted, such as the adult molars and wisdom teeth.

Oral Exam

The oral exam is an essential part of the initial consultation with an orthodontist. The dental care team may ask your child to bite into trays that are filled with a gel-like substance. These trays are for making impressions of your child’s teeth to show their structure in three dimensions. The dentist will also use mirrors and thin films to check your child’s bite.

Discussion About Treatment

Once the orthodontist has an idea of how your child’s teeth fit together and how your child’s jaw structure is developing, you will be able to begin discussing treatment options. If the orthodontist does not think that your child is ready for braces just yet, you might be given an appointment to come back in six months. Some children might be outfitted with a spacer or another orthodontic device in preparation for the future installation of braces. The orthodontist will also discuss payment options and the types and length of treatment your child needs.


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