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A Great Smile

Jan 12, 2012 Comments Off on A Great Smile by

Many people feel that all that is necessary to have a very attractive smile is to just have straight white teeth. Research has shown that a great smile involves much more that just those two things. To be sure, a great smile can be helped by having the teeth be straight and white, but when […]

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Are Tad’s Painful

Jan 12, 2012 Comments Off on Are Tad’s Painful by

A TAD is a Temporary Anchorage Device that provides stability so that teeth can be moved more effectively and efficiently. The placement of TAD’s is a relatively simply procedure and is typically painless. The reason for this that bone tissue has no pain receptors. If adequate topical anesthetic (gooey ointment) is applied to the mucosa […]

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Brushing with Braces

Jan 12, 2012 Comments Off on Brushing with Braces by

Brushing with braces is extremely important if a person who is undergoing orthodontics is avoid marks forming on the teeth and the gums swelling during orthodontic treatment. If brushing is accomplished properly during the treatment period there is no need to worry that anything bad will happen during the time that orthodontics is being completed. […]

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