Gummy Smile Reduction: Henderson & Las Vegas


“Showing too much gum tissue in their smile can be a real problem for some patients….a big problem!

Over the years, most people have just suffered with this problem because either they did not know that it could be treated or they have been told that the only way to have the problem corrected is for them to have general anesthesia and have a section of their upper jaw bone removed in an operating room. It is not surprising that very few people have been willing to undergo this very expensive and traumatic procedure.

Advances in Gum Reduction

Using newly developed orthodontic techniques, it is now possible to treat gummy smiles in Las Vegas and Henderson without surgery! ¬†Many people are amazed that this can now be accomplished! What has made this possible over the last few years is the development of small holding points that can be inserted into the patient’s mouth, allowing gentle force to then be applied by the use of stretchy clear elastic thread or tiny rubber bands between these holding points and the patient’s braces or invisible aligners being used in the patient’s mouth. The stretchy string or tiny rubber bands are virtually invisible, but their gentle force is highly effective in gently moving the teeth upward, and, as the teeth go upward, the gums goes up with them! This upward movement of the teeth and the gums dramatically reduces the amount of gum tissue visible in the smile and is just as effective as a surgical procedure! Generally, this reduction of gum tissue exposure in the smile can be accomplished over a ten to fourteen month period.

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