Orthodontics in Spring Valley

Affordable Braces offers braces for all ages, including various types of braces, Invisalign® and InvisalignTeen™ clear alternatives. We are the leading practice for orthodontics in Spring Valley, NV. Providing you with the best Quality of Orthodontic Treatment is the goal of our Spring Valley orthodontists.

Visit our offices and get the latest in Spring Valley orthodontics, Smile Esthetics! We maximize Smile Esthetics simply by aligning your teeth in proper relationship to your lip line during a broad smile.

Spring Valley Invisalign

The Invisalign System is based on the results of computer simulations, which produce custom clear overlay aligners, unique to each patient. The aligner trays are made of comfortable, smooth and practically invisible plastic simply worn over your teeth. The Invisalign System is safe for both teenagers and adults with orthodontic bite problems, gently shifting your teeth into place based on precise movements your Spring Valley orthodontist will plan for you.

Call 702-358-0688  to contact Affordable Braces and see if a Spring Valley Invisalign system is the right fit for you.